We hope all of you are being safe and keeping healthy.  Recognizing the importance of staying aware of information and being able to sort out the social media information, I felt it necessary to inform all of you and keep you aware of everything that we know as of this date. 


A phone conference was held April 6th with the members of the Illinois State IAAF during which this topic was discussed.  The decision was made as follows:


As of this date, April 13th, all fairs in Illinois are planning on being held as scheduled. This includes the 4-H fair as well as the open classes of the Boone County Fair 2020. 

A directive order from the President of the United States or the Governor of Illinois are the only two ways the Boone County Fair will be canceled.  The Illinois Extension can not close down the fair.  Only an act of God or the above two directive orders will be honored.  Following these directive orders, decisions about county fairs will be made by the Bureau of County Fairs with the Illinois Department of Agriculture.

Jack Ratcliffe, 

Vice-president of the Boone County Fair

A Director of the IAAF (Illinois Association of Agricultural Fairs)