Board of Directors


Owned and operated by the Granges of Boone County



President - Lyle Lee, Belvidere, Illinois

Vice President - Jack Ratcliffe, Belvidere, Illinois

Secretary - Susan Banks, Cherry Valley, Illinois

Treasurer- Paul Zeien Jr., Belvidere, Illinois


The Boone County Fair relies on its Officers and Board of Directors to act as stewards in ensuring that the mission of the Boone County Fair is carried out and will continue in the future.

Thank You to all!


  • Ruth Blasingame

  • Gordon Butt

  • Jo Ellen Coleman

  • Ed Cosman

  • Albert Ebel, III

  • Adam Ellwanger

  • Don Ellwanger

  • Dave Geske

  • Iris Humphry

  • Todd Hegge

  • John Henninger

  • Kim Hughes

  • Ed Kasper

  • Teri Keegan

  • Chip Messiner

  • Jeremy Meyers

  • Joe Muzzillo

  • Brian O’Dell

  • Bryson O’Dell

  • Rick O'Dell

  • Dean Page

  • Nannatte Heshelman

  • Butch Peters

  • Tom Ratcliffe

  • J.J. Richards

  • Bob Scherer

  • Jason Schmeling

  • Rocky Temple

  • Jeff Vance

  • Brad Walter

  • Honorary Director - Al Henninger

  • Grounds Manager - Keith Clark

  • Admin Asst to the President - Debbie White


Livestock Exhibits

  • Butch Peters

  • Brad Walter

  • Jeff Vance

  • Joe Muzzillo

Non-Livestock Exhibits

  • Mary Jean Lane

  • Pam McClain


  • John & Pat Henninger

In memory of the past directors, board members and friends of the fair.

Please keep their families and friends in your prayers.