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Harness Races - Department S

Rules & Regulations, Etc. 

N.I.C.A. & U.S.T.A. Rules to Govern — State Health Regulations apply.

50 percent – 25 percent – 12 percent – 8 percent – 5 percent

Emergency contact and pre fair questions, call (815) 679-7882

No entries will be taken at this number

(72-Hour Box – Entries 7:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.)

Association reserves the right to declare off any race not filling satisfactorily and reserves the right to require five or more starters. If all races carded have sufficient starters to race (also reserves the right to race elimination heats), all races will be two heats, 50 percent of purse each heat.


If all races carded do not have sufficient starters causing cancellation of any races, three heats will be required to make a complete program, 1/3 or purse each heat; or Association has right to cancel any race or complete program. Association not liable for accidents. Fair Association does not cover drivers insurance.

Important Information

Speed Superintendent - Wayne Weaver

Assistant Superintendent, Sara Weaver

Entries - (309) 738-3415 or (309) 738-3302

Judge - Bradley Dye        

Track Phone: (815) 547-8939

Best Horse in Summary of Each Race Winner of Blanket Donated by Boone County Fair Association

May Purchase Exhibitor’s Ticket or Pay at Gate

Overnight Entry Fee: $20.00

Maintenance/Stall Fee: $25.00

Stake Race Entry Fee is $50.00

IHHA Entry Fee $50.00

Entry Fee to Accompany Entry

Premiums Offered – $20,000.00 est.

Our Sponsors

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