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General Information and Rules

All classes will be required to adhere to the following:  

  1. High point of hitch cannot exceed 26 inches -  not more than 2 inches in front of tailgate. (no trick hitch allowed).

  2. Dual or chains NOT allowed. Dot Tires only.

  3. Stock intake manifolds. No oxygen power adders. Nitrous ECT.

  4. No front weight brackets, airbags, blocks or traction bars.   

  5. If original vehicle has doors, they must be on and closed.  

  6. Seat belts required and must be worn.                                            

  7. Fire extinguishers are required in all vehicles.

  8. Driveshaft safety loop required on all vehicles.

  9. All weight must be in the bed of truck and secure.  Any weight that hits the track automatic disqualification.       

  10. Any truck that leaves boundary of the course will be disqualified.

  11. All classes will be required to use only automotive-type front and rear axle housings.

  12. Single engines only.                                                                                                 

  13. Draw bar must be equipped with steel hitching device no more than 1 inch thick and must have a 3-inch opening.

  14. 3-inch hole in hitch must be parallel with ground.

  15. No tires larger than 33x12.5

  16. Pulling point can be no more than 1-1/2 inches from back edge of hitching device. 

  17. No devices used to raise hitch height while pulling. No strapping the front end down.

  18. 75' restart will be used. 

  19. All drivers must stay with vehicles when in staging so vehicles can be moved when requested. 

  20. Alterations subject to change without notice by Judge

  21. Traction Bars allowed for all diesel classes.


Super Stock Class:

  1. 4-barrel carburetor with any intake manifold (excluding sheet metal manifolds). 

  2. Header or open exhaust will be allowed but must exit up or back.

  3. All components must be in original position on stock 4x4 frame, except any 4x4 pickup transfer case may be repositioned.

  4. Transmission must be automotive type, available in 4x4 pickup.

  5. Working kill switches required. No exception

  6. No blower or turbo.


  1. Twin Turbos Allowed Production block only allowed in one ton or smaller pick-up.

  2. OEM heads are required.

  3. Fuel pumps must only have 1 barrel plunger, cylinder p7100 max.

  4. Air intake shut-off required. 

  5. Electric shut-off required if equipped with electric supply pump.

  6. Electronically controlled fuel systems must be controlled by kill switch.

  7. Safety switches must be located in ISP locations and to their specs.

  8. Exhaust to have 2-3/8 inch bolts in an X-pattern thru pipe within 3 inches of the turbo.

  9. Traction bars and weight brackets are allowed but no drop boxes are allowed:

  10. Additional safety requirements are transmission blankets and harmonic balance shield. Any questions contact Jeremy Meyers at 815-703-3630.


  1. Any truck driven or towed to the Fairgrounds shall be able to compete in street stock.

  2. Body and chassis maximum weight 8,000 lbs.

  3. OEM wheel base.

  4. OEM body some aftermarket panel allowed.

  5. No part of hitch of vehicle can interfere with sled chain or hook.

  6. Engine MUST LOOK STOCK.

  7. One turbo nothing aftermarket allowed.

  8. No changing location of turbo allowed.

  9. No aftermarket  fuel pumps, oil pumps, injectors exhaust must be street legal, no water injection allowed. 

  10. No propane, alcohol, nitro methane, propylene, benzene, and nitrous oxide or other oxygen adding agents.

  11. Tech's have final say. NO RIDER ALLOWED IN ANY CLASS!!!


Thursday, August 8th, 2024 at 1:30 pm

Jack Ratcliffe, Bob Scherer, and Jeremy Meyers –


Superintendents All trucks must weigh in from 8:00 am to 11:45 am on the fairgrounds scale on track.


Entry Fee: $21.00


Pull number for pull placement Street Stock – Must have Valid License Registration and Plates and Insurance Card


Checks Musts be Picked up at the Infield building by Thursday Night or 2 Hours After Pull is Completed


Premiums Offered – $6,400.00

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