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2022 Camping Pre‐Registration

Register now for camping application

Register Early and take the rush and confusion out of your Boone County Fair camping!


Season Tickets are required for admission into the fairgrounds and can be purchased when registering your camper for everyone over the age of 10.

If you obtain your tickets through another means such as Concessions it will not be necessary to buy the tickets at this time. Advance season tickets are $25.00 and can be purchased with an additional check made payable to the Boone County Fair.

Camping is also secured with a separate check payable to Boone County Fair, and mailed to Stolen Ice & RV Parking, 11584 W. Goddard Rd., Lena, IL 61048. The charge for camping and Stock Vehicles is $25 a day for 30 amp service and under and $40 a day for 50 amp service. The charge will be applied each calendar day the camper or vehicle is plugged in. Pumping at the campsites is $35.00


Questions call 815-291-7481

Step 1: Download Application Form file below

Step 2: Enter Data into form and Save File

Step 3: Send EMAIL your registration before July 15, 2022

Starry Night
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