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Swine Costume Contest

Saturday August 12 at the Boone County Fair

contact Deb Nelson  815-378-8422

Prizes will be awarded for:

Most Creative, Most Humorous, Best Craftsmanship & Best Team


Contest Rules:

  1. Animals must be exhibited in another class at the Boone County Fair.

  2. Participants may enter as an individual or team.

  3. Nothing harmful to the animal may be used.

  4. The contest will be judged on costume and presentation.

  5. Only one entry per exhibitor.

  6. Exhibitors must bring a short write up about his/her costume on a 3x5 card to the contest. Should include the exhibitor’s name, and a brief description of the costume.

  7. Open to all showman.

  8. Meet at Swine Barn at 10:00 am for check-in.

  9. Under 3 must be showing with an adult.

  10. Deadline for entries is August 1st.

  11. Depending on number of entries; classes may be split.

  12. No premiums. Prizes will be awarded

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