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Pro Farm Tractors and Altered Farm Stock Tractors Pulling Contest - Dept Q

General Information and Rules

Requirements forPro Farm Tractors and Altered Farm Stock Tractors Pulling Contest on Thursday are:                                                                                      

  • Requirements for Pro Farm Tractors pulling on Thursday are subject to Illini Tractor Rules.

  • Stock tractors having alterations to increase power

  • Safety Equipment mandatory.

  • Altered Farm Stock Tractors are allowed to have “P” Pumps

  • Altered Farm Stock Tractors may be sanctioned.

  • Altered Farm Stock Tractors must be weighed in on scale at fairgrounds by 12:00 noon the day of pull.

  • A tractor may be pulled only in two classes and only once in a class.

  • All Tractor Pulling Contest Standardized Rules apply to the Altered Farm Stock Tractors.

  • Fly wheel must be steel.

  • Illini State Altered Farm Stock Tractor rules apply also.

  • RPM limit for Premium numbers 3737 and 3738 will be 3000 RPM

Further information obtained by calling Jack Ratcliffe: (815) 262-4242.
Trophy awarded in each class.



KERRY  LEE, Track Superintendent


Thursday, August 10th at 2:00 p.m.


Each Exhibitor and assistant will each receive one free pass


Entry Fee: $31.00 for Classes #3735   

Entry Fee: $21.00 for Classes #3737, #3738


Premiums Offered  -  $2,628.00

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