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Tractor Pull - Department Q

General Information and Rules

  1. All tractors pulling Thursday must be farm tractors.

  2. All entries must be made on official entry blank for Fair holding contest; entry blanks must be completed in full.

  3. The Association reserves the right to reject any entry. Judges decisions are final.

  4. Tractor weight INCLUDES WEIGHT OF DRIVER.

  5. Winners may be required to weigh back at the request of the judges.

  6. The Association reserves the right to alter or change rules on the day of the contest if ground conditions or weather require. No rules will be changed after the contest has started.

  7. All draw bars must be no more than 20" high. They will extend no less than 16" or more than 20" behind rear axle.

  8. No weights or frame may extend more than 24" in front of the tractor. Front of tractor includes tires.

  9. All pulls will start from tight chain (or cable).

  10. Operator will be disqualified for slipping clutch after it has been engaged, changing gears, standing up, or careless operation.

  11. All drivers must be 16 years of age and both genders are welcomed to pull in all classes.

  12. .These rules for 2024 are designed to keep tractor pulling a sport that the maximum number of people can enjoy and to hopefully keep it from becoming a sport of the experts and the elite. If your tractor is over the factory RPM, it is strongly recommended that additional safety equipment be installed. For further information send self-addressed envelope to Jack Ratcliffe, 4095 Town Hall Rd., Belvidere, IL 61008.

  13. No Sanctioned Tractors Allowed.

  14. .No “P” pumps allowed in Farm classes of tractors.

  15. A tractor may be pulled only in two classes and only once in a class.

  16. Scale will be open between 7:00 am and 9:00 am with a drivers meeting at 9:45 am Thursday. Numbers will be pulled for pulling positions until 9:00 am. After that time the contestant will pull last. Trophy awarded in each class

Trophy awarded in each class.

Requirements for Class A-H tractors pulling on Thursday morning 10:00am

Pulling numbers will be drawn at registration.

No Cut Tires - No Dual Wheels

No 4-Wheel Drives or MFWD Tractors



Kerry  Lee, Track Superintendent


Thursday, August 8th, 10:00 a.m.


Each Exhibitor and assistance will each receive one free pass


Entry Fee: $21.00


Premiums Offered  $5,120.00

Big "A" Water wagon furnished by Conserve FS

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